Valentine's Day Wreath

To make a Valentine's Day wreath, I used some slightly off white yarn, three sheets of red felt (one sheet for each flower), and a wreath form I got from JoAnn's

 Wrap the wreath form completely with the yarn.  This part takes forever, so grab a glass of wine, pop in a movie, and enjoy the quiet time.

Once you have the wreath wrapped, start making your flowers.  Cut your sheet of felt into four strips, then divide each strip into three squares. Cut the squares into circles. You will use twelve circles per flower.

 Take one circle, and fold it in half...

 Fold in one third of the half...

Fold up the bottom third.  You will make an "N"  or "Z" shape depending on how you look at it. Hot glue inside the folds to keep them together. Repeat this with 5 more circles.

 Glue your 6 circles onto another circle (to give them a base)

Fold four more circles the same way you did the first 6.  Cut the point off the fold and save it for later. You will use it.

Glue the 4 cut folded pieces around a spiral made from the last circle.  I didn't take pictures of making the spiral, but it's very simple:   Take your last circle. Cut it into a spiral. Roll the spiral up onto itself.  It will look like what is in the center of this flower.

Repeat the process to make the other two flowers.  Grab the pieces left over from cutting the points off the folds in a previous step.  They will look like smaller circles.  We will make petals out of these.

Put a dab of glue at the bottom of one of the circles and pinch it sealed to make a petal shape.

I put three of these petals between the top two flowers and three more between the bottom two flowers.
 And there you have a simple, elegant Valentine's Day wreath.  Great thing about this is that nothing is attatched the wreath form so after Valentine's Day is over, I can unwrap the form, and change it for St. Patrick's Day and other holidays!


  1. So sleek...I love it! Thanks for sharing, visiting via More the Merrier Monday

  2. Thanks! I wanted something simple for Valentine's day that didn't involve hearts =)

  3. I'm a sucker for beautiful wreath and this one definitely is beautiful :)

    Love for you to share this at JAQS Studio Linky Party:

  4. Beautiful! I love all the wreaths that I have seen on Pinterest and various blogs lately. And I love your idea of taking it apart and redecorating for the next holiday. Who has room to store a different wreath for every holiday? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Totally loving this wreath! I like the simple white with the pop of red flowers!

  6. Beautiful! Love the flowers on the wreath!

    Thanks for sharing this on the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!

  7. Your wreath is beautiful, and your red roses are just gorgeous. Love the red and white combination. Pinned & tweeted!


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