Painted knife block

I love the set of knives I have.  They were the first engagement gift that my husband and I received.  They are Chicago Cutlery, stainless steal, and each is one solid piece.  No handles that can break off.  They came with a knife block that I keep on my counter.  At our first townhome, the light-colored wood block went pretty well with my white kitchen.  When we moved for my husband's job, our kitchen colors changed.  We have dark cabinets and the walls have a gold-ish paint sponged over the white walls (it looks better than it sounds, plus we rent so we can't paint).  The light knife block stuck out like a sore thumb. 

We have our kitchen in bright colors.  A big red mixer, multi-colored fiestaware containers, and the prettiest rug woven with red, yellow, orange, and green.  I wanted my knife block to have some color as well.  I carefully took the knives out and started to paint.  I knew I wanted it to be red to balance out my mixer.  I did it while my husband was out, and he noticed it almost as soon as he came in.  I think it turned out pretty well!


  1. love this! who said just because you got something one way - you can't make it look better your way?...

  2. how did you paint it? what type of paint did you use?

    1. It's just acrylic. I probably got it from Walmart's craft department.

  3. How fun is this! Love the color combo, too! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Take care,
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