Sew Easy

I finally did it.  I made something on my sewing machine that turned out how I pictured it in my head!! (**Squeals with Joy**)  And it was SEW Easy!

I didn't take pictures while I was doing it because A: I only have two hands and both were busy sewing and B: I wasn't sure of how it would turn out and if it was bad I didn't want any proof.  Now I wish I had! But honestly the directions are so simple to follow, picture directions are hardly needed.

I started with one square yard of jersey fabric (because it doesn't need to be hemmed).  I folded it in half.  The folded side is the top of the shirt (where the neck hole will go).  I laid one of my other shirts on top of the fabric and traced around it with chalk leaving two extra inches between my shirt and the outline (if you are a really good at keeping your seam straight you don't have to leave as much space... I'm just don't trust myself enough yet).  I cut out the shirt on the outline and sewed up my seams.  I cut a hole in the fold at the top of the fabric (smaller than you think you need; remember that jersey stretches) for my head to fit through and turned the shirt so that the seams were on the inside, slipped it over my head, and did my happy dance because I LOVED the results!


  1. Super cute! Great job...I'm inspired to try it as well ;) I'm your newest follower btw! Would love if you'd stop by sometime


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