Potato Soup

 I honestly think that there is nothing that makes my tummy happier than a hot bowl of potato soup! I originally used a recipe to make this soup, but over the years of adding a little of this and leaving out a little of that and so on, I created my own recipe.  It is so simple, and so delicious!  I made this last night for the school board members to have for lunch today when they came to observe the school.  I needed to make a ton, and luckily this recipe allows me to do that.  I started with 7 good-sized Idaho potatos (and put them in this beautiful handmade bowl a friend of mine traded me for one of my paintings. It's good to have talented friends!)  Wash and peel the potatos.

This picture is not necessary as I'm sure everyone knows what peeled potatos look like.  I just like how my peeler matches my new striped jar (in the background) and wanted to show it off.  I do love matchy things!

 Cut your potatos (action shot)

 Cube your potatos into about 1 inch pieces.  This helps them get softer, faster.
 Cover your potatos in water (I never measure this part... or really any part. Just go with it.) and add seasonings.  Really it's your own preference.  I always use seasoning salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.
 Add 5 chicken bullion cubes. This is all just to season the potatos while they boil.  We'll season to taste later.  

Boil the potatos until they are soft, then mash them up.  The steam coming up from the pot will be very hot!  Please be careful not to burn yourself.

After the potatos are boiled and mashed, add 1/3 cup of milk, 3 TBS of butter, and 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.  Once all of this is stirred in to the pot until melted, taste the soup and add more seasonings to taste.  I use more of the seasoning salt, garlic powder, and onion powder, but I also add black pepper and onion and herb flavored Mrs. Dash.

Top with more cheese (if desired, I always do) and enjoy!

To serve this to the board members today, I brought it in a crock pot.  One of the school secretaries brought my empty crock pot to me after the board had left.  She said it was a huge hit, and it was the first dish that was empty.  This is one of those foods that tastes even better the day after you cook it, so it's great to make as a make-ahead meal!


  1. I LOVE soup and his one sounds yummy!

  2. It is delicious! I don't like to cook soup unless it's cold outside, so my husband waits all year for "potato soup season"

  3. Looks delicious ... my boys love potato soup.

  4. I love potato soup and it really is so easy!!

  5. Wonderful idea!
    Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello. Have a great weekend!

  6. That soup looks wonderful and delish on a day like today where I just got done shoveling 8 inches of snow! I will have to put this in my recipe box for our next cold day! Thanks for the tips!

    Newest follower.

    My site is http://hmmargazi.blogspot.com

  7. Ohhhh...thank you so much for sharing this! I love potato soup and don't have a recipe. Well, I do now! Yay! I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing this on my Pinterest page, crediting back to you of course.
    And...I'm a new follower of your blog :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  8. This sounds so easy and delicious! I found you on Hop Along Friday! Come visit! www.mamatinkstinkerings.blogspot.com

  9. So many wonderful comments! Thank you all =) I hope you enjoy the soup as much as my family does!

  10. Made this soup today. It is delicious! I did use chicken broth as was suggested by another reviewer. My wife says it's a keeper!

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