French Braid... On the side

I am so proud of myself.  I finally did something with my hair other than wearing it straight or curly.  That's all I've known to do with it for nearly 24 years.  My husband and I were getting ready to have our Saturday out and about, and I really just wanted to feel pretty.  I'm tired of always looking the same.  My best friend can take her hair and pull it low to the side and put three boby pins in it and it will look beautiful.  Well I wanted to do that too.  But my layers were too short to all make it.  But then I tried a side "french" braid.  I started braiding it, and each time I twisted it, I picked up more hair.  When I finally reached the other side, I put a ponytail holder in it and hoped for the best.  To my astonishment, it worked! I had the pretty, low side thingy going on that I love on other people!  And the back looked pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! 
To jazz it up even more, I clipped in a red rose that I made from felt (you can find that tutorial from my Valentine's Wreath post here)

Here it is from the front, along with my wonderful husband, who was nice enough to take pictures of the back of my head because my arms don't bend that way! =)


  1. very cute... lots of different brades you can do.. pratice. love it!


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