The Survivor

Here in Alabama, Mother Nature is very confused.  It is January.  You know this, I know this.  The weather does not know this.  We have had beautiful, sunny, 60-something degree weather all weekend (not that I'm complaining)!    My husband and I enjoyed the day yesterday, and today decided to get a jump start on our Spring Cleaning. 

When we moved down here, we unpacked most everything, but some little things got shoved into a closet to be dealt with another day.  Today was that day.  We found things in that closet that we haven't seen in 7 months and forgot we had.  We realized that if we haven't missed any of this stuff, what was the point in keeping it?  We got our garbage bags and started filling them up.  We came across one box that held my crap projects from the most horrible class I ever took ceramics class in college.  Normally I pride myself on being crafty and artsy and creative.  However, the ceramics classes I had to take in college made me question everything.  I was really bad at it.  Surprisingly bad at it.  Nothing I made was even close to what I was trying to create.  My teacher graded my effort, thank goodness, rather than the final outcome.  I passed with a C. 

We began going through this box, laughing at my attempts at a teapot, a jar, etc.  Then I unwrapped the only thing I made in that class that I was proud of.  A little spiral pot with a lid.  The assignment was to make a perfect sphere.  That part I failed miserably.  What I succeeded at was making something that resembles a  beehive.  Getting permission from my teacher, I took that ball and ran with it.  I even made some little clay bees to attatch to the sides.  We decided to keep the little beehive after all.  It is the only survivor from the box of failed ideas.  It now sits on the bookcase downstairs. And I think it's adorable.


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