Stuck on You

When my husband and I moved from north Alabama (I'm talking almost Tennessee) to the Birmingham area, we left behind a lot. Friends, my family, my teaching job and my wonderful kiddos... and the greatest kitchen in the world. The counters made a "U" shape around the room. Cabinets filled the walls. I had more drawers than I knew what to do with. My kitchen was my home. Our new kitchen is a little... let's say "cozier." That sounds better than crammed. I have two drawers and four cabinets. With my passion for cooking, I have a lot of kitchen stuff: appliances, gadgets, spices, etc. In order to save space, I put some of my appliances on the bottom of a book shelf; the microwave and toaster are on a cart. We make it work, and I've grown to love it. In order to save a little more space (one whole shelf in a cabinet- score!) I put magnets on my spice jars and stuck them to the empty outside of my fridge. It took two to three magnets per container. Since I hot-glued them on, whenever a jar runs out, all I have to do is pop the magnets off and re-attatch them to the new one! I actually think it kind of looks neat, too!

Now my spices are right at my fingertips whenever I need them, and I have a whole extra shelf for more storage! Sometimes, it's the little things that make me the happiest.


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