DIY Rustic Curtain Boards

My husband and I are in the process of redoing our kitchen.  One thing that had to go were the horrible vertical blinds over the patio doors.  We took them down to paint and never put them back up.  We also never replaced them with anything.  The biggest problem I kept running into was that there was no room for a curtain rod. The doors ran into a cabinet.

You can see in this picture what I mean. There was no way a curtain rod could have hung because it wouldn't have been able to be placed where it needed to be.

I found these gorgeous sheer curtains at Old Time Pottery on sale: two panels for $10! I bought two sets.  They have dark bronzed rings to hold them onto the curtain rod, but I had another idea.

I originally saw something similar on Pinterest using tabbed curtains.  I thought this would work even better.

I used some of the reclaimed wood I was given by a friend when they tore down the deck on the back of their house.  My husband cut two boards for me the length of each door.

I used white latex paint to give them white-washed look. I dry brushed a little dark gray over the top so they weren't so bright, and then I sanded them to give them an aged look.

I had a pretty cute helper, too!

I had bought the hooks at Walmart.  I eyeballed where they should be placed compared to the rings in the curtains.  Unfortunately, I could not find my husband's drill.  Fortunately, the wood was aged enough that I was able to screw them in by hand.  It took a while, and my arm was burning, but I wasn't about to let a little thing like a lack of power tools keep me from completing my project.  I'm that crazy  determined.

The boards turned out so well! They are the perfect fit over the doors, and the curtains hang beautifully.  I'm thinking about making one or two for the bedroom or entry way for scarves, coats, and accessories.   Even a small board with a single hook would look nice! The uses for these boards are virtually endless.  And I am so glad to finally have one project for the kitchen COMPLETELY finished!


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