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Baby Bum Product Review

My almost-five year old got a lot from her daddy. Her dark brown eyes, her perfect, olive complexion.  Her unnatural ability to get a suntan after being outside for all of five minutes (I mean, for real; it's not fair). She got a lot from me, too, though. There is rarely a day that goes by that I'm not told she's my mini me! And I totally take it as a compliment (and hopefully one day she will, too!). However, one thing she definitely got from me is her dry, itchy skin. It's something we've been battling since nearly day one. She had issues with cradle cap as an infant and eczema as a toddler. She would scratch her skin while she was sleeping and wake up with fingernail scratches on her back and legs. She had a horrible patch in her hair that sometimes comes back even now. And the winter time is the worst. Dry, cold air outside. Dry heat inside. In the winter months, I feel like I am constantly putting lotion on her, but it seems like the lotion

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