Baby Bum Product Review

My almost-five year old got a lot from her daddy. Her dark brown eyes, her perfect, olive complexion.  Her unnatural ability to get a suntan after being outside for all of five minutes (I mean, for real; it's not fair).

She got a lot from me, too, though. There is rarely a day that goes by that I'm not told she's my mini me! And I totally take it as a compliment (and hopefully one day she will, too!).

However, one thing she definitely got from me is her dry, itchy skin. It's something we've been battling since nearly day one. She had issues with cradle cap as an infant and eczema as a toddler. She would scratch her skin while she was sleeping and wake up with fingernail scratches on her back and legs. She had a horrible patch in her hair that sometimes comes back even now.

And the winter time is the worst. Dry, cold air outside. Dry heat inside. In the winter months, I feel like I am constantly putting lotion on her, but it seems like the lotion only helps for a little while.

That's why I was so excited to hear that I was going to get to test out some products from Baby Bum through Influenster. We received the products completely free in exchange for an honest review.  When the box came in, I couldn't even wait for Parker to get home before I was digging in.

The box contained samples of Baby Bum's Shampoo and Wash, Everyday Lotion, Coconut Balm, and Sunblock. Plus, this adorable little monkey!  First of all, the color scheme gave me all the feels because yellow and gray were the colors of Parker's original nursery. Yellow and gray bath products, yellow and gray nursery; it's practically fate. I immediately opened all the bottles and the little tub of coconut balm and smelled their light fragrances. The coconut balm smells like a day at the beach! Perfect for beating the wintertime blues I'm feeling.

But before I was going to put anything on Parker's skin, I was going to do my research. I had never heard of Baby Bum, so I looked them up and was so pleased with what I discovered. First, all of their products are pediatrician-tested to make sure their formulas are safe and non-irritating. They are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to make sure they are safe for sensitive skin. The formulas are plant-based and vegan, and never tested on animals. Satisfied with my research, it was time for bath!

Like I said, Parker has SUPER sensitive skin. I've always had to be careful what I bathe her with. I used the shampoo and wash first. I like it because it comes out as a foam. With Parker's long hair, I used four pumps to really work a good lather all the way through. Its tear-free formula was great because the girl flat-out refuses to tilt her head back when I rinse her hair, so the water and shampoo runs down straight into her face. She doesn't really mind it, though, because it doesn't burn her eyes. I used two pumps on a wash cloth to clean her body. Only six pumps total really wasn't a lot of product; we'll be able to use this for several more baths, and it's only the trial size!

After her bath, we followed up with the Everyday Lotion on her face. It wasn't greasy at all and went on smooth. The fragrance was so light. Sometimes lotions can have scents that are overpowering, and I don't like putting that much fragrance right there by her nose. This one wasn't like that at all. But if you are really sensitive to smells, they do offer a fragrance-free line. I'll stick to this one, though.

I mentioned earlier that Parker would scratch so hard overnight that she'd wake up with scratch marks on her back and legs. Those have always been problem areas for her. For those, I opted to use the coconut balm. The directions on the tub say to scoop some up and melt it between your hands. And that really is what you have to do. This stuff is way more solid than I thought it would be. I expected the consistency of a body butter, but it's way more like a tub of coconut oil, which is exactly what it smells like. I scooped some up and rubbed it between my hands and coated her back and her legs. Her exact words to me were, "Oh, wow! That feels good!" followed closely by "I smell like the beach!" It went on so silky smooth. It was more greasy than the lotion, so I wouldn't use it on her face, but it was perfect for her back and legs.

The next morning was the real test. And it passed with flying colors.  Not only was she not itchy, but I could actually still feel the coconut balm on her skin. Still moisturized. Still soft. Not bumpy and red at all. And the best part? No scratch marks.

The shampoo, while it did leave her hair soft and shiny, did leave her hair looking oily earlier than other shampoos I've used on her.  But she has "little girl hair" now instead of baby hair. I will probably use her other shampoo on her hair and save the wash for her body. Which works perfectly for me because it will last even longer. 

Out of all the products received, I can safely say that the coconut balm is going to become a staple in my household! I've even used it myself! I'm glad to finally have found a product that does what I need it to do for my daughter's sensitive skin. What have you tried for your child? If you're still searching, I will highly recommend the Baby Bum line of products! I'm glad I was able to try them out.


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