Fine China

2013 was Parker's first Christmas. We asked for typical Christmas gifts for her- clothes, formula, diapers and wipes, etc. She got lots of precious toys, as well.  However, there was one Christmas gift that stood out from the rest: a set of fine china. It's the most beautiful set of china I've ever seen. A creamy white porcelain with scalloped edges trimmed in platinum. It's breathtaking.

So who would get a set of China for a baby, you ask? My grandparents. They found the set and loved it and since I already had a set (also from them), they decided to gift it to Parker, an almost-ten-month-old. Now, their logic was sound, albeit a little morbid. They wanted to give it to her for me to save for when she got married. My grandfather was 75 when she was born, and chances are, they might not be around for her wedding (which will be in at least 30 years if her daddy has any say). So for now, my daughter's china sits carefully displayed in the cabinet in my kitchen.

I love the idea of china. Of setting a large table for friends and family to gather around and eat a big meal. Of sipping wine and laughing and talking for hours. China takes a meal and makes it an event. But an event takes planning. An event takes time. A roast takes hours to cook. Friends' schedules fill up weeks in advance, in addition to my own family's schedule. So the china has sat collecting dust in my kitchen for years waiting on the perfect time.

But my new year's resolution is to stop waiting on perfect.

Why do I have to wait for a big fancy meal? Why do I have to wait and plan to use china dishes?

Answer: I don't.

So this morning, I didn't.

This morning, Parker ate her pop tart on fine china.  She drank her milk from a little china tea cup and set it in a saucer. I said earlier that china takes a meal and makes it an event. And that's what we had this morning. It wasn't planned. It's not like I even made a big breakfast. But eating a pop tart on china at the table with my little girl became a memorable event. Look at her face! Look how excited she is! She called it a party. A pop tart on a fancy plate was a party. And I almost missed it waiting on the perfect time that I deemed worthy enough of fine china. 

Even our cat, Gershwin, got in on the party. After sampling Parker's milk while she wasn't looking, he was given the whole cup and she got a new one. And the meal was given the label of "best breakfast ever." 

My grandparents are so wise. Who else would consider china as a gift for a baby? But they know not to wait. They know not to waste time because time is precious.

So I'm not waiting for perfect anymore. And in not waiting, I am experiencing wonderful. 


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