Two-tone Nightstand

Can you believe I got this nightstand for only $5?!

No? Well, how about by looking at the "before" picture?

Believe me now, don't you? This was sold "as is" because if the damage on top and the "broken" drawers. Turns out the drawers were just fine; they had just come off the track- a problem I fixed still in the store. 

The damage on top was possibly from water. Since it's particle wood instead of real wood, it bubbled up. My awesome brother got me a sander, so I just sanded the top down to bare bones. 

Once it was stripped, I painted it with two different shades of gray. I thought about distressing it or adding a stencil on the top, but it looks so clean and simple by itself, I decided to leave it alone. Sometimes, less is more. 

I posted this piece on one of the facebook yard sale pages I belong to, and I had a buyer lined up within five minutes! I love it when a hobby turns a profit! 


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