Tea-Dyed Coffee Filter Wreath

I have been re-doing our bedroom lately to make it more organized, romantic, and relaxing. We have hectic lives. A bedroom should be a retreat. A few days ago, I saw a coffee filter wreath on Pinterest. It was perfect for our bedroom, so I thought I'd make one for myself. Though time consuming, it was really easy. 

I didn't want white coffee filters, so I dyed them in tea to give them a creamy beige color. I would think that you could probably dye them any color you wanted.  A pink one would be adorable for a little girl's room!  But I'm actually not making this for my daughter for once! So I dyed them beige. 

I used a big pot of water and 5 tea bags. Bring to a boil, then turn heat to low. I boiled 25 at a time. Dry them in stacks of paper towels. After they are dry, it is time to turn them into flowers. 

I used masking tape to adhere the flowers to my wreath form. That way, it's not permanent if I want to change it later. Also, the masking tape blends in really well with the dyed filters. 

The original pin said it used 90 filters. This is my wreath after 100. I don't know if my wreath form is bigger, my filters are smaller, or if I just packed them really close together, but obviously, I used more than 90. I ended up using 125. I would have really liked to have had about three more, but I didn't want to boil more tea. 

I left a small space at the top and tied some burlap around the top of the wreath, then covered the front of the space with more flowers. It now hangs on the window frame in the master bedroom!

I love it when a project turns out exactly how I pictured!


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