More reflections

I work full time, I have a one year old, I am in school full time, I have a photography business, and I am a wife. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, like I will always be this busy and stressed and rushed. Especially when I compare myself to others. I feel like I'm not enough. But I have an incredibly supportive husband, I am half way done with school (with a 4.0!), my job is fun, photography is my passion, and my daughter is amazing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I need to remind myself how blessed I truly am.

Do not wish this time away. Do not wish it would go by faster. Love where you are and what you are doing, because it will change. Cherish the late nights and long hours. Remember every movie night that started at 9 pm because that's when the baby girl finally settled down and went to sleep so you could watch it. Remember rocking that precious baby girl to sleep. Remember what it felt like to make 16 perfect grades in a row. Remember what it felt like when that streak of perfect scores ended. Remember editing newborn photos for a couple who struggled for so long with infertility. Remember the student who blew you a kiss on the last day of school. Remember how blessed you truly are. 


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