Shabby Chic Shelf

This is another piece I found in my dad's basement, leftover from my childhood bedroom. It was originally stained a deep brown. It was time for an update!

I painted the entire shelf with a gorgeous gray that I found an entire gallon of in my utility room left by my house's previous owners. Then I dry brushed it with some white leftover from painting the nursery. Dry brushing is when you barely dip the brush in the paint, brush most of the paint off on another surface, and quickly and lightly brush the paint on the piece. It leaves a light, brushy finish adding more dimension to the piece. After the dry brushing, I sanded the corners and edges and sealed it with polycrylic. I like polycrylic on light colors because it doesn't yellow. The gray, white, and wood combine together to give the piece se depth. Best thing is this didn't coste a penny! Gotta love a freebie! 


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