Lucy Paige is ONE!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for a very special announcement:

LUCY PAIGE IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!!!!!  *YaY*(throws confetti)*YaY*

Now, Lucy, I know you don't remember the day you were born, but I do! Or at least a version of it. Allow me to take you back a year...   *insert twilight zone theme*

One year ago today, my mommy and daddy were sleeping peacefully in their beds. Your parents were NOT!!!  You see, you were supposed to be born that afternoon.  However, you had other plans.  I guess you just couldn't wait anymore to be born so we could get started playing!  Bright and early, well, actually kinda dark and early, Mommy got a phone call from your family.  You were on your way!!  I was so excited! I wanted to go with them to the hospital to greet you, but they made me stay behind. They rushed as fast as they could, but you were faster! You were already born by the time they made it to the hospital.  Mommy showed me your picture when she got back home.  You were the tiniest baby I had ever seen! And you didn't look too happy.  I know the feeling! Being born is tough stuff!

The next day, I got to come meet you! You made me look like a giant sitting next to you!  I wanted to give you a big hug, but our mommies wouldn't let me.  Apparently, I hadn't learned how to be "gentle" yet... I just sat beside you instead.  

We have had some fun times in our first year together! Remember when we watched our first parade and our moms wanted a picture of all of us together? You said, "Hey Parker.  Let's NOT look at the camera no matter what kind of silly noises we hear, ok?" And I said, "That is a GREAT idea! The moms will think we are so funny!"

We are so clever.
How about the time when pumpkins sprung up in your yard??  That was so much fun!

Well, I thought it was fun.  You were not impressed.

And then we got to celebrate Halloween! Our moms put us in some funny outfits and everybody looked strange.  Then we walked around the church yard while everybody said how cute we were.  I still don't understand the point of Halloween...

p.s. I've heard rumors that next year there will be sweets!

We also celebrated Thanksgiving.  There was food everywhere! Not that we got to eat much of it.  Stingy parents.
I don't know what it is about "holidays" that requires us to wear such big hair bows...

A few months after that, it was time to celebrate my first birthday! I'm so glad you were there to help me celebrate, and I'm so glad that your mom was so helpful to my mom to get everything ready! It was a great day, and I can't wait to celebrate with you on Saturday!! And what did I tell you about cake?? It's awesome, huh?  And face-first is definitely the way to go!

Lucy, I am so blessed to have a friend like you!  You share your toys with me and let me play with Calvin the Cat.  You keep me company in the backseat when our moms are busy talking upfront.  We have lots of fun together, and I am excited about what the next years bring.  Happy birthday, my sweet friend! Love you!

Parker =)


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