Every day is a gift

As some of you may know, I am one half of the dynamic photography duo known as Image 1:27 Photography.  I have to share the story of the photos I took today.

On June 20th, a relative of my husband's had a beautiful baby girl, Gracelyn.  Her parents were overjoyed, as most parents are.  They left the hospital on a Monday.  On that Wednesday, the husband and brand new daddy had to return to work.  He is a construction worker.  On Thursday, this man was hit by a car while he was working on the side of the road.  The mom's Facebook posts turned from the typical posts of a new mom to those of a woman in shock and panic.  He had been rushed to the hospital where they began running tests and treating injuries.  The doctors wouldn't let his wife, who had left her six day old baby with her mother to go to the hospital, see him.  She did not know if he was going to make it.

Amazingly, he survived with only a fractured pelvis, a broken shoulder, and lots of cuts and bruises.  No head or neck injuries or damage.

This sweet, young family was almost shattered only 6 days into its beginning.  It is by the grace of God and nothing else that this man survived to be there for his wife and watch his daughter grow.  I was honored today to take some newborn pictures of that sweet baby girl today.  Her proud daddy watched from his seat in the recliner.  The love he has for her is so evident! He is scheduled for surgery this Monday.  Please lift up this family in your prayers.  Pray for him as he undergoes surgery.  Pray for her as she cares for a newborn and an injured husband.  Pray for the sweet baby girl to continue to grow healthy.  Remember, we are not promised tomorrow.  Treat every day as a gift from God, and never take it for granted.


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