Saving the Showerhead

Have you ever looked at your showerhead? I hadn't either until yesterday. Then I immediately regretted it. Totally gross. When I got out of the shower, I informed my husband that we needed a new showerhead. He conceded my point when he took a look at it.

Later that day, my husband was on the computer and asked if we had white vinegar, a ziplock bag, and a rubber band.

"What? Yes. Why?" As you can tell by my answer, I am very good with words!

He had found a list of "life hacks," and one was about cleaning your showerhead. We assembled the material and got to work. We filled the bag with vinegar and used the rubber band (or hair tie in our case) to hold it on the showerhead. 

It started working immediately. All the grime started coming off. We left it on for 24 hours. Then, I wiped it with a wet cloth to get the rest. No scrubbing required!

This was an easy way to clean the showerhead rather than replacing it. 


  1. Wow! I think we could all use this tip and it's so simple :-) Thanks for sharing at Take It On Tuesday!! ~Kelly @ Eyes On The Source

  2. Genius! I love cleaning tricks that involve no scrubbing. Ha ha!


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