How to Organize Your Bathroom- guest post by Sue Jason

I am happy to have Sue Jason from here today sharing a guest post on much-needed advice (at least much-needed at my house) on how to organize a bathroom. My bathroom is so small; getting better organized will help me utilize what space I have. I can't wait to incorporate these ideas!

How to Organize Your Bathroom Drawers

The bathroom is used several times a day by each member of the household and, as such, can become cluttered and severely disfunctional with little time, opportunity or space for aesthetic considerations. However, keeping the bathroom neat and tidy while still making allowances for attractive features and a definite décor theme is easily achievable by everyone.

First Things First!

Medicines should be kept up high, out of the way of the casual bathroom explorer, so as to prevent curious ‘tasting’ and the possible repercussions thereof! Safety considerations taken care of, you should turn your attention to potentially messy products and accessories, such as cakes of soap, face cloths, and leaky bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. If there is a chance that these products will ooze all over other accessories or features, try to put them in an easy-to-clean place, such as a tiled area or waterproof shelf that can be easily wiped clean. Face cloths, hand towels, and bath towels should all have an airy space to hang in order to dry out quickly, preventing the formation of mildew and mold.

Safety Too!

Try to keep the shower area clear of bottles; only keep what you need for your wash, keeping spare products tucked neatly into a drawer. You do not want to stand on or trip over something and fall while groping for a towel when your eyes are full of soap. Apart from not being safe, too many products make the shower area look untidy and cluttered.

Be Ruthless!

Bathrooms very quickly become cluttered with a wealth of toiletries and cleaning products, and it can be hard to stay on top of these. Go through everything in the bathroom cupboards, drawers, shelves, bins, and get rid of anything that has not been used for two months or more. Get into the habit of writing the date on products when you open them so that you can tell when they are still good to use – any that are dramatically past their ‘best before’ date should be thrown away. Doing this periodically will help to prevent the bathroom from becoming too cluttered with nearly empty bottles and products that, once tried, no-one really likes.

Space for Everyone

Give everyone in the family their own space, be it a basket or caddy, in which to store their personal toiletries. They must keep them tidy or risk you tidying it up for them! Once everyone is accustomed to cleaning and tidying their own small part of the bathroom, the whole space becomes much easier to clean and tidy, and the general effect is usually one of attractive practicality. You can also get a tall cabinet with several drawers and a mirror from My Bathrooms and place it in a corner of your bathroom for a beautiful more functional bathroom.

When in Doubt; Decant!

If you are a fan of bulk purchasing (and who isn’t, when the right opportunity comes along?) you may find that you have a lot of enormous containers that you simply have not enough space to accommodate. Why not decant them into much smaller containers, thereby ensuring that you have everything nicely to hand, and that, should anything be spilled or broken, not too much of the product is wasted?

For the most part, having a neat and tidy bathroom is the major step in having an attractive bathroom. Teamed with fresh paint or wallpaper, attractive and matching accessories, and perhaps some fresh flowers or a potted plant, you will find that you do, after all, have the beautifully organized bathroom of your dreams!


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