Pringles Can Amplifier

My husband and I are enjoying watching the playoffs today. We just saw a commercial for Pringles where it showed different uses for the can. One showed it being used as an amplifier to make the speaker of an iPhone louder. I had to test it. Oh my word. It absolutely works! It makes it so much louder!  

All I did was cut a slit into the bottom of the can wide enough for my iPhone to fit. The can works to direct the sound rather than letting it diffuse. It works so much better than putting the phone in a glass, which I was already impressed with. Well done, Pringles advertising department. Well done. 


  1. What a neat idea! I will have to try this! I myself, am too cheap to buy the ipod docking station for my iphone, so I usually just use a glass bowl. But this is a MUST try! :) I also wanted to let you know I'm co-hosting a linky party, so come by tomorrow & link-up!

  2. Thar is awesome maybe I should start watching sports. teehee


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