Triple "S" Quesadilla

The Triple "S" in this quesadilla stands for Smoked ham, Swiss cheese, and Sliced apples.  I used four slices of swiss cheese to make it extra creamy.  The smoky flavor of the ham, combined with the flavor of the swiss, balanced really well with the sweet red apples, all wrapped together and grilled to a beautiful golden brown.  This is a healthier snack that I will be making again!


  1. Looks yummy! Do you have an apple preference?

    1. I used red delicious (since it was what I had at the time lol), but I think it may also be good with granny smith.

  2. Oh. Wow! I love a great quesadilla. Thanks for the share. Must try. =
    Kristina J.

  3. Hi Rebekah! I just nominated you for one lovely blog award and the sunshine award. Love your blog!

  4. Hi Rebekah! Those look yummy! Just wanted to let you know that I'm awarding you the Liebster Blog award. Thanks for your inspiring posts.



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