Philly cheesesteak pizza

Tonight's dinner was a little late, but I had promised myself and my husband that I was going to try to make Philly cheesesteak pizza. It was even easier than I thought! The pizza was ready before the oven had even preheated!

I used a pre-made pizza crust prepared according to package directions. While the oven was preheating, I spread two tablespoons of Alfredo sauce onto the crust. I cooked three slices of steak-ums steak, crumbled the meat, and spread it on the sauce. I topped it with sliced provolone cheese. My pizza crust baked at 450 for 9 minutes and came out perfect and golden brown. It was a fast and delicious dinner that I will definitely make again!


  1. Oh wow, that looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!


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