Decoupage Tea Light Holders

Look how much fun my kids had today! It was the Friday before Spring Break, and the kids were going stir crazy. There is nothing better to do with hyper kids than to give them an outlet for all that energy in a constructive way! An art project was the way to go. We sometimes struggle to find art projects that are easy enough for them but not babyish. 

I have been saving tons of Parker's baby food jars without really having a real purpose in doing so. I looked up baby food jars in Pinterest and tons I ideas came up! One idea I actually had all the necessary materials for. Decoupage tea light holders. 

I had the baby food jars, tissue paper, and glue. It's so easy and makes a really nice product. 

The kids ripped the tissue paper into small pieces, then coated their baby food jars in a mixture of water and Elmer's glue. 

Then they placed their paper onto the jar and revisited the paper with more glue. 

When the whole jar is covered, it is done! It takes a few hours to dry, especially if they are coated in lots of glue and many layers of paper. 

Once they are dry, place a tea light into the jar. The light looks really pretty coming through the colored paper. 

I love how excited the kids got making these! It makes me smile to see them so happy!


  1. Those look cool! A fun project for kids : )


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