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My husband has been wearing the same glasses since high school.  Let that sink in for a moment.

We would love to get a new pair of glasses for him, but that can be very expensive.  You have to either compromise your budget or style and quality.   As you all know, we are expecting our first baby in less than SIX MONTHS! Where has the time gone!? We have been trying to find ways to save money for when the baby comes, and that means cutting back on unnecessary spending.  Clear vision is definitely not unnecessary, but trying to find a quality pair of glasses on our tight budget seemed to be impossible.  I recently discovered that it did not have to be.

We came across and were shocked to discover the wide variety of frames they had to choose from. Their website was so simple to navigate; just pick what you want to search by and go!  You can search categories, brands, color, gender, even material and frame-size!
I could not agree more!
We found eyeglasses for him starting at only $38!  That is a price that we can definitely afford.  And these aren't "cheap-o" glasses. They are sophisticated, high-quality, name-brand glasses available in so many styles and materials that you are certain to find a pair to fit your personality- and your budget!

For the Man in my life
Mr. Husband was a little hesitant to order glasses from the internet, at first,  because he wanted to be able to see what he would look like in them before we spent money.  That hesitation went totally away when I clicked on the virtual mirror feature they have on the website. (I've shared it with you below so you can try it out as well!)
We simply uploaded his picture and instantly all the pairs of online eyeglasses were available for him to "try on!"  We got a little carried away trying on all the different styles and colors, until he clicked one pair that looked like it was MADE for him! After seeing that, he had no problem placing his order! He is so excited to receive his awesome new glasses, and even more excited that we didn't have to "break the bank" to get them!
Here they are! This style is called "Jorden."
Special Offer for my Readers!!! Using the code FS15 you can save 15% on your entire order amount, and receive FREE SHIPPING, saving you even more than their already discounted prices! You can also take 10% off of any order of prescription glasses using the code Blog10. Do not hesitate to order yourself or a family member a new pair of awesome glasses, perfect for this back-to-school season!


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