Chalkboard from picture frame

I had gone to the thrift store a few months ago (see my post called "Thrift Store Finds") where I found the ugliest little golden oval picture frame missing its glass.  I knew it could become something pretty and fun.  This is the finished result: a chalkboard.
I painted the frame purple and while it was drying I started making my felt flowers.

I first cut a strip of felt about 1.5" wide and 8" long.

Taking the first bit of the felt...

I twisted it like this.

Fold the twisted piece over itself and keep twisting and folding until you come to the end of the felt.

Glue the end of the felt behind the flower (this will also help the flower to not unravel).

Separate the twisted layers of the flower and place a tiny dot of glue to keep the layers from coming apart.

And you have your felt flower!

I made 5 of them.

I glued my flowers to the frame to add some detail to the simple oval shape.

Three on one side, two on the other.

I put the back of the frame (which I had already spray painted with black chalk board paint) back in the frame, and wrote a birthday message for the friend I was giving it to.

I really like how it turned out, and it was a great birthday present for my friend!


  1. Cute frame ! I am doing one now and all I have left to do is spray the chalkboard paint on. Too cold to go outside just yet, though.

    My poor blog has been neglected recently and I need to get moving again.
    Will add my name to your list of Follower's now.

  2. So cute! Newest follower here. Stop by and follow,exchange buttons with me, or just look around!!!

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