Yard Sale Mirror re-vamp

Last Saturday, I went yard sale-ing (yes, that's a word) with my mother-in-law. We found some amazing pieces! My favorite was an old rocking horse that I paid $5 for!! It painted pink with pink yarn for a mane and tail, but I have big plans to re-do it. However, that's going to be a big project, and I've been pretty swamped with big projects through my furniture business. Instead of starting another big piece, I started doing a few smaller pieces. One of them was this gaudy gold mirror. 

It was originally from Kirkland's so it a high quality mirror. It just needed a new look. Of course, I'm happy to oblige!

I still have some dark charcoal gray left over from another piece, so I gave the whole thing two coats.

I really love this color.  It is such a lovely gray.  But by itself, it hid all the little details of the frame's design.  To bring it out, I used pure white paint.  I barely dipped just the edge of a sponge brush into the paint and, with a very light hand, simply brushed over the frame so that the raised parts would get painted, but the other parts would stay dark.

As you can see, the white really brought out the features of the frame.  I posted this on my Facebook page, and within a few hours, it had sold.  Good thing, because I was starting to look around in my house for a place to keep it! It really turned out nicely =)


  1. Awesome you sold your mirror! I love the gray too. Nice work!


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