Another mirror makeover

I started a facebook page for my furniture  and painting about 2 months ago, I think. ( It has generated some pretty good business! One customer contacted me about redoing a mirror that she had as part of her bedroom set when she was a little girl. Her mom had sold it years ago. When the woman who bought it decided to part with it, she contacted my client to see if she wanted the mirror back, which she did. I love sentimental things like that!

The mirror was solid, but the frame needed some work. My client have me the paint color she wanted, and I got to work. 

That was the frame before. It's a simple, plastic frame, but the shape is just darling. To begin with, I washed it and primed it with a spray paint primer specifically for plastic. 

Amazingly, I had the exact color paint the client wanted already at my house. It used to be the color of my kitchen before I re-painted it. There was plenty of the old color left. 

I went over the frame with three coats of the Tuscan orange color. 

It looked pretty on it's own, but I wanted to really accent the beveled edges. I rubbed some dark brown antiquing glaze over the paint, making sure to get it in the  lines of the frame. 

It really made the details stand out. All that was left was to reattach the mirror. Please excuse my self-portrait! It's hard to photograph a mirror without getting my messy house in the background :)

And here's the before and after. Pretty amazing, huh? If you are in the area and need some new life in an old piece of furniture, let me know! I'd love to work with you!


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