This is Home

I saw a cute idea on Pinterest where someone had painted a wooden sign with the word "home," but the "o" was the shape of Texas painted with A&M colors. I loved the idea and wanted to give it a try myself. 

In my classroom, the lead teacher had recently replaced an old, cheap bookshelf that had broken. The two removable shelves were still in good condition, so they came home with me to  participate in my crafty experiments. 

 I drew my letters on to the shelf by printing out the size I needed in a funky font, covering the back of the paper in chalk, and then tracing over the outline of the letters. This leaves a chalk outline on the surface underneath. Then I painted them white.  I traced out the state and stenciled a chevron pattern on it. Then it was time for the ultimate question... Alabama or Auburn??

My father-in-law was the first to voice his opinion, and when your father-in-law speaks, you listen! So Auburn it was! I printed out a chevron pattern and traced it into the state outline. I filled it in with blue and orange. 

But being the Bama fan that I am, I couldn't go too long without making another one. I chose a different font just to change it up and show another style. This is also a book shelf, just a different one. 

For this state, I found houndstooth scrapbook paper and printed the state outline onto the paper. I cut it out and used some spray adhesive to glue it down. It still needed something, so I outlined the paper with a white paint pen. The Auburn sign needed something too, so I outlined the state and the stripes with white, as well. 

Then I sealed each one with Minwax polycrylic. There is no way that scrapbook paper is peeling up!! It's sealed very well!

So whether you roll with the tide or yell, "War eagle," these signs are sure to please!


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