PEP Talks- 18 months

Can you believe another three months has already gone by!? And they really seemed to fly this time.  I guess I better get started filling you all in...

After I turned 15 months old in June, I started learning things really quickly! Mom and Dad tried to keep a list of words that I know, but by now, there are too many to count! I don't always use them in the correct context, and sometimes I'm just repeating what they say (or trying to), but most of the time, I know what I mean.  And now, so do they! No longer must I cry and make them guess what I want.  I will tell them "diaper" when I need a change.  I say "milk" or "bites" if I'm hungry or thirsty.  Sometimes I even get specific about the "bites" and demand some "oh-gurt" (my special way of saying yogurt).  I also still love "gi-gicks" (fish sticks), but I always make sure that Mommy and Daddy and anyone else knows that fish sticks are HOT when they come out of the oven.  I even show them how to blow on them to cool them down.

So that has really helped me not have to cry so much.  I don't cry often.  When I do, it's usually for a reason.  Something that some of you many not realize about me is that I am very shy.  Once I get to know you a little bit, I'll warm up to you, but if you get too close before then, I don't like it.  Mommy says that's perfectly fine.  Being shy is nothing to be shy about ;)  I also cry sometimes if I can't do something that I think I should be able to do.  Like climb the fireplace.  Or go outside by myself.  Or put all the toilet paper in the toilet (even though that's where it's going to go anyway).  When I find out I can't do something, I just sort of melt into the ground.  I don't make a big scene.  I just curl up in a ball on the floor.  I guess I'm embarrassed that I got in "trouble."

I'm also working on using a fork and a spoon.  I have a really good "grip" technique for the utensils.  I don't go overhanded or use it like a shovel.  Sometimes Mommy or Daddy helps me by holding on to the end to help guide the fork to my mouth (sometimes it gets away from me), but I do a pretty good job on my own.  I even feed my friends!

At my 18 month check up, I found out that I have FINALLY gained some weight! My doctor was very happy! I'm still small, but not quite so tiny.  I am up to 21 lbs.  I'm still at 30 inches, but that was expected, my doctor said.  She still thinks I'm going to be on the shorter side.  But that's just fine! I'm a very healthy toddler (good work, Mommy and Daddy!).

So enough about my growing.  Let's talk about my summer!!

Summer (especially June) is my favorite time of year because Mommy and Daddy get to be home with me all day! We took a week long vacation back in June to stay with my Paigey in Mommy and Daddy's home town! I got to see where they met and went to college.  I got to play at the park and ride a Merry-Go-Round! Aunt Jessica and Uncle Anthony came with us, and Aunt Jessica took some great pictures of my family.  I got to spend time with Omi and Opa and Uncle Jake and his "gog" (dog) Hank.  Opa showed me the big flowers he grows in his garden.  When we went back to visit them in July, I remembered! When I saw him, I said, "Opa! Fl-ows!"  He smiled so big!!
On the Merry-Go-Round

At UNA- where Mommy and Daddy went to college

After we got back from our vacation, we made the most of our time at home together.  One special thing that Mommy and I did was that she took me outside and let me play in the rain! I love rain so much.  I always announce when it starts.  I stand at the glass door and watch it pour! I'm not even scared of the "fud-der" (thunder)! One afternoon, when it was just a steady rain coming down, Mommy and I went outside and I got to feel it all over my head and arms and everywhere! I splashed in the puddles! It was the most fun.  Now, whenever it rains, I always ask to go "sow-side" (outside) to play in it.  Sometimes we can, and sometimes we can't.  I think Mommy might always remember that first time though.  It was like magic!

In July, I got to spend some fun time with Daddy's side of the family outside! We went to my Grandma and Poppa's house.  My Nanna was there, too.  That's my Grandma's mommy! She took me around the garden.  We picked veggies and flowers.  I even got to ride on Poppa's lawn mower when he brought it over to our house! Being outside is one of my favorite things.  It's really hot right now though, but once it cools down, I hope we can be outside playing a lot!

Something else really fun happened in July.  My best friend turned ONE! She had a big birthday party at her MiTessa's house with swimming pools, bubbles, and lots of yummy food! It was so fun getting to celebrate with her.

Happy birthday, Lucy!!

In August, school started back, so I went back to stay with KayKay.  Sissy started college this fall at Auburn University, so I don't get to see her very often, but KayKay lets me steal some "Facetime" with her when she calls.  I give her lots of kisses through the phone! I tell her that I am taking very good care of her dog, Suzy, when I talk to her.  I love to play with Suzy.  Maybe one day I can have a dog of my own, but until then, I am happy to play with Suzy at KayKay's house!

Also, it is the start of FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!! I love getting to go to the football games and watch the band perform.  I love the drums; I always have, even when Mommy was still pregnant with me.  I would kick and flip, and now I clap and bounce to the rhythm.  I can't help it! I got the music in me!

I had a lot of fun this summer! Thanks for keeping up with me!

Until next time,
Parker E. Poe


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