PEP Talks- 15 months

Hello once again! I thought I'd make an appearance to let everyone know what I've been up to since my first birthday.  I have been so very busy learning new things and having new experiences!

So in my last post I was bragging that I had started walking just a little bit.  Well, you should see me now! I can run! And, boy, do I love to run.  I also love to climb.  I have recently discovered that I can climb up Mom's chair, climb over the arm rest, and drop safely down to the other side.  I like to do this over and over.  I imagine that I am a mountain climber scaling the highest peaks.  It is so exciting!

Back in April, Mom and Dad took me to the most wonderful place! They called it the zoo.  It was amazing! So many animals, many I'd never seen before.  There was a horse as tall as a tree! Mom said it was a giraffe.  There was also a really funny-looking, hairy baby. I know he was a baby because he crawled around on his hands and feet. And his mommy didn't even have a diaper on him! Dad said it was a baboon.  That's a really funny name for a baby.

There was also a train ride, and I got to try ice cream for the first time.  It was very cold, but very delicious! Since I know how to walk, Mom and Dad let me get out of my stroller and walk with them.  I felt like such a big girl! I even helped Daddy push the stroller! It was a marvelous day!

I have been having so much fun playing, but I have been learning, too!  I know so many words! I know names for people in my family, like Mama, Daddy, Papa, Paigey, and Cake! My uncle's name is Jacob, and I try to say "Jake" but it comes out sounding like Cake.  That's ok.  I love Cake- the food and the uncle!  I also know names for some of my favorite things: Cat, dog, bites, juice, bottle, crackers... I will tell people yes, no, bye-bye, hello, night-night, thank you... When I eat my food (I am getting better at trying new things), I say "Mmmm... Good!"  When you sneeze, I even say "Bless You!"  I know.  I'm so polite!

I love being called a "good girl."  When I do something that I'm not supposed to (Who me? Never!), I will stop when you tell me to, and then tell you I am a good girl for doing so.  Then, I will pretend to do it again so you will tell me no so I can obey you and be a "good girl" again! I love compliments!  I try to be on my best behavior.  Mom and Dad do not let me have fits; believe me, I've tried.  But apparently it is ok for other kids to have fits.  Like the little boy in Target.  He was screaming so loud he hurt my ears.  And my mom did NOTHING!! If I had been doing that, she would have been upset with me.  So since she wasn't going to handle it, I took it upon myself to do something about it.  I looked at that little boy from my seat in the buggy and told him very clearly: "No-no.  Stop."  He didn't hear me over his screaming, but his mommy did.  His mommy seemed to get mad at my mommy.  Mom pushed me away quickly.  I said, "Uh-oh..." Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything, but something had to be done to stop his screaming.  

So I've got talking and walking down pat.  I have recently taken up the drums.  I'm not very coordinated yet, so my Neil Peart impression is still a little off.  I'm not worried.  Drumming runs in my family.  Both of my grandfathers, my daddy, and my uncle Anthony are great drummers.  If I keep practicing, I know I'll be as good as them!

Now that it is summer, Mom and Dad get to stay home with me everyday, and we are making the most of it!  We play outside and inside and read stories.  We go on errands all around the town.  I love getting to spend time with them!


Between my birthday and turning 15 months old, we celebrated Easter and Mother's Day. I got my mom a beautiful ring with my birthstone. She loves it so much! We also went to a family reunion and helped Mom's childhood friend celebrate graduating from medical school!  She has a little girl like me, so it was fun getting to play with her! 

I am excited to keep learning and keep growing.  Speaking of growing, I am 30" tall and still weighing 19 lbs, 4 oz.  I am in the 20th-30th percentile for everything.  My doctor says I've leveled off.  I'm just going to be petite.  

I have been so busy these last few months!  Never slowing down; that's my motto.  Running and talking and playing... it's good to be a toddler!

Until next time!

Parker E. Poe


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