Potato Crusted Flounder with Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

I have been trying, lately, to expand my cooking abilities.  Normally, I have always stuck to cooking chicken or a beef roast or something like that, but recently I've been cooking a lot of fish.  This time, I bought 4 flounder fillets.  After searching for recipes and asking others for their ideas, I came up with potato-crusted flounder.  It's so simple and completely amazing!

Start with 4 flounder fillets, rinsed and patted dry.

Melt two tbs butter in a skillet (I did not say this was the healthiest way to cook flounder, but it certainly is a tasty one).

In one bowl, beat three eggs together.  In another bowl, add two cups of potato flakes.  I used the "roasted garlic" kind to add more flavor.  Season both sides of the fish with salt and pepper.  Coat the fish in potato flakes, then dip them in the egg, and put them back into the potato flakes.  This makes the crust.

Put the fish immediately into the hot butter.  Let them cook on one side for 3-5 minutes, or until the edges turn golden brown.

Flip the fillets and cook, covered for 3 more minutes.

Plate and serve with Parmesan Roasted Broccoli for a meal that is simple and delicious!


  1. Oh yumm!! Love how you've explained this in so much of detail.. and to someone like me.. who really is a disaster in the kitchen.. This is a must try!! thanks for sharing this one!! :-)

    1. Came back to say.. I tried this last night.. and it was lovely. Im normally a totally waste in the kitchen.. so was pleasantly surprised.. :)

    2. Yay! I'm so glad it was a success =) Thanks for letting me know!!

  2. OH yum - that does sound so tasty!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Looks very good!! I've done something similar to this, only I used leftover potato chips. Very good use of the potato chip crumbs!

    I'm so glad you linked up at Romance on a Dime!! I'm pinning this!

  4. Using potato flakes instead of bread crumbs is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Beautify it Monday, we hope you'll be back next week!

  5. This looks super tasty! Not only the fish but the broccoli too. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  6. Mmmm that sounds totally scrumptious, I love fish but have yet to try cooking my own flounder, I'll have to see if I can get it locally and give this a go

  7. This looks great! I really need to cook more fish!

  8. nice idea.. thanks for posting..


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