My surprise!

Yesterday, my husband and I went to my in-laws' house to grill out. After dinner, the men folk announced that they were going to Lowe's.  I jokingly told him to bring me back a present.   When they got back, they made a big deal about not being able to find me anything.  I was fine with that; it had been a joke, anyway.  When we got in the car to leave, I looked in the back seat and SURPRISE! I had a present after all =)

I have been really wanting a small black table to put on the kitchen wall underneath the bulletine board.  That's exactly what he got me!

What a handy man!

Finally, this part of the house is exactly what I wanted.  It was so thoughtful of him to remember it!


  1. They sure can surprise you sometimes can't they. I suppose they do actually listen (or at least try) even if it doesn't always seem like it.

  2. That is so cool! My dad builds things, so I get spoiled in that way as well. ;)

    1. Btw, found you via Thirsty Thursday blog hop. New follower. :)


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