My first Blog Award!!!

Nothing makes my day quite like getting on the computer after a long day with the kids to discover that I have SEVERAL new comments on my blog *squeal!!*    It's so nice that a group of women with probably a lot in common, but would never have met, can come together and interact with one another, sharing recipes, crafts, and ideas for home and family.  I started this blog last October with the idea that I could do this "just for me."  I had no idea that so many people would find it! I started linking up to some of the "parties" and BAM I was hooked!  The ideas that I have found through those linky parties have been invaluable!  Thanks to you all!!

Today when I checked my comments I had a very exciting comment from Beauty and the Green informing me that she nominated me for an award!  I was in shock.  I have seen them on other's blogs, but never thought I'd have one to put on mine.  So Beauty, this is my shout out of thanks to you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The guidelines of the award state that, in addition to thanking the wonderful blogger who nominated you, I now nominate 5 blogs to receive the award as well.  In no particular order, my nominations are:

The last part of the award guidelines is that now I tell you a few things about myself.

1-  I learned how to ride a bike only last year.

2- I have visted three continents.

3- I am allergic to cats, but I still want one.

4- If I can put ranch or cheese on it, I'll eat it. 

Thanks again to Beauty and the Green!  Be sure to check out the blogs I've nominated. You will love them, too!


  1. Thank you for the award :D You're super sweet!! I laughed at your #3 because my hubs, my mom, one of the kids, AND a good friend are ALL allergic to cats but *I* still want one ;) I know just how you feel about the blog starting off as a thing you do for yourself, that was how I started too! But now I TOTALLY get excited over the one comment I get sometimes ;) Thanks again and I'm you're newest follower!


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