Earring Picture Frame

For this, I used a wooden picture frame from Hobby Lobby that I painted.  I added three rolled paper flowers for more decoration.  The lace is from my mother-in-law.  I hot-glued it to the back of the picture frame.  Pull the lace really tight across the back so the earrings don't pull the lace down.
PS-  The awful looking thing that this is being propped up on is a giant picture frame that I got for $2 at a church bazaar.  It's eventually going to be a chalk board, and I can't wait to get it done to show off!!

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  1. That's so cute! I need to remember this idea for my earring wearing friends!

  2. Wow - great idea. I love the use of the lace to hang the earrings on.

    Thanks for linking up to the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

  3. You are creative! could have used your input on party favors for this weekends blowout at my house :) Anyhoo, stopping in from today’s hop … please come by today of you have time – I have a dilemma and I really need some answers! Oh, and I’d I love a follow via Google + and GFC if you don’t already. I just followed you! Thanks!!

  4. Shauna- I'd love to stop by your blog... if I could find it! I still don't really understand google+ or how to find your blog from there =)

  5. I awarded you the Liebster Award. Check it out!



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