Painted desk

Have you ever had one of hose days where everything seems to be going downhill and then one little thing changes all that? Well today was that day and this desk was that thing. 

I made a split decision to drive past a really hit-or-miss thrift/junk store that's right by my house. Seriously, I've found some great stuff there, but other times, it can be a total bust. They always have some items in the parking lot, so I thought I'd take a quick peek. Well, I saw this desk sitting next to the ugliest recliner you've ever seen. I had to rescue it.  The price tag said $9.99. 

Let me repeat that. 

The price tag. Said $9.99. 

Less than $10 for this gem!

I eve found a Ralph Lauren Polo dress for my daughter for $1.99. I scored today people. 

So I got the desk and brought it home. I couldn't wait. I had to start on it immediately. The wood was in really good condition. I sanded it down just to make it a little smoother. I painted on one coat of white leaving the seat and the desk top natural wood. Then, I heavily distressed the white parts. I sealed the natural wood with polycrylic to make it a bit more durable. 

Total, this piece took about an hour and a half to complete, including waiting on the paint to dry. I'm planning on keeping this and using it for photo shoots! Also, I can imagine my daughter doing homework on it when she gets older. I got really lucky with the thrift store today! It will be hard to top a great find like this one!


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