Painted Nightstand

Here is a lovely little thrift store find! I had been looking for a nightstand to redo since we are making over the bedroom. We were using a desk as a nightstand, but no more! I went to my favorite thrift store and found this beauty. I love the shape and the hardware. It will go perfectly with the dresser! The tag said $20, but when I got to the register, it was half off!! Only $10! Can't beat that!

Instead of trying my DIY chalk paint again, I decided to stick with regular paint. I'm almost out of my cream color, and since it wasn't sealed properly for so long before I started these projects (my bad!), I didn't have enough to mix. I took some sandpaper and simply scuffed it up. The top was a little more difficult because of the "leather" inlay. It didn't scuff. At all. I decided to risk it and began painting with my regular latex paint. It actually covered quite well. I gave it two coats and then distressed the edges and corners just a bit. I also spray painted the hardware with a metallic bronze color to match the darkness of the other hardware. I sealed it with three coats of polycrylic. It looks great!! Thrift store makeovers are the absolute best!


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