PEP Talks- 6 months

I am 6 months old.

One half of a year.

Can you believe it?

Mom and Dad can't.  But I really am.  I can do lots of fun things now that I couldn't do even just last month!  For instance, I can sit up entirely by myself now! Mom can set me on the floor with my toys and not have to hold on to me until I find my balance.  I know. I'm THAT good. 

I've been eating my cereal. It's my favorite.  Mom sends other foods with me to Mrs. Scott's house to try, and I will, but I just really want more cereal.  I try to squish my mouth closed, but then she makes a funny face and as soon as I smile, in goes the food.  Mrs. Scott is tricky that way.  In addition to my bananas and sweet potatoes, I have also tried squash, apple sauce, and carrots.  Mom and Dad also let me have little bitty tastes of their food sometimes. Sometimes they're good, like the chocolate pudding, but other times they're the worst in the world, like the mashed potatoes that I refused to swallow. I also refused to spit them out, so Mom had to scoop them back out of my mouth with a napkin. Gross for her, but maybe she learned her lesson.  Just cereal for me, please (or more chocolate pudding)!

I have been going to visit Lucy, too.  You should check out her very first blog post. She is such a good writer!  She is still very small, so I can't really play with her.  What we like to do most is lay on her activity mat and talk. The parents can't understand us, but we have very important conversations.   She let me borrow her big bouncy chair.  I have so much fun playing in it!  When she gets bigger, I'll show her how it works.

The most fun thing I did this month was I had my first time in a swimming pool! For Labor Day Weekend, Mom and Dad and I went to Aunt Ryan's home town to visit her family.  Her aunt has a swimming pool and they let us use it.  It was like a really big bathtub, and I do love my bath time!  Mom slathered me in baby sunscreen, and Dad carried me into the pool.  They were worried that I may think it was too cold or be scared, but I wasn't!  Dad held me under my arms and I stretched my legs out behind me and kicked and kicked.  I moved my arms back and forth, too.  I am a natural!  I didn't want to get out, but Mom said my toes looked like little wrinkly raisins, so I had to.  Swimming really wore me out! That night, I slept for 12 hours- something Mom and Dad enjoyed as much as the swimming.

I would post my latest stats for height and weight, but my 6 month check up isn't for a few more weeks because of Mom and Dad's work schedule.  Getting "After School Time" appointments is pretty hard because they fill up so quickly.  I'll post them in my 7 month post. I can tell you that the 3-6 month clothes are just now fitting me properly.  I've been wearing them for about 6 weeks.  They fit in the length, but they swallowed me up around. Now they're starting to look a little better.  That's good news, because I have some pretty cute outfits that I've been wanting to wear! I had my 6 month photo shoot yesterday, and I had a shoot at 4 and a half months because Mom was using me as a model for a head band and tutu that her friend made.  I must say, I am one beautiful baby!

I am so excited for the next 6 months! Mom says that they need to go by slowly, but if they're anything like the last 6 months have been, that won't be the case! Until next time,

Parker E. Poe (PEP)

P.S. Mom is sorry about her lack of blog posts lately! She's been super busy, but she promises a new post or two soon!


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