A Very Special Craft

My friend Sybil and her husband Adam are in the process of adopting a little girl from Bulgaria. She has begun decorating the bedroom, and I had the pleasure of helping her make one of the pieces of art for the wall!

She wanted to create the outline of the country of Bulgaria in fabric and hang it in a picture frame.  Have you ever seen the outline of Bulgaria? Lots of little turns. Cutting that from fabric would have been nearly impossible.  Instead, I suggested cutting the outline in mat board and placing that over the fabric. Much easier, looks about the same.

We used my old-school overhead projector and traced the country onto the board. Using an exacto knife, we took turns cutting it out. It was still tedious, but nothing like fabric would have been.

When the outline was done, we ironed the fabric and placed it behind the mat board in the frame.  It turned out beautifully. Now it can be either just a piece of art, or maybe a dry erase board!

If you want to help Sybil and Adam on their adoption journey, please check out Sybil's Etsy shop
From Bham With Love.  She makes and sells beautiful wreaths, other door hangers, and lots of monogrammed items! All proceeds go to their adoption fund!


  1. Yes, adopting a baby is the best way, if you are not have your own baby. Happy adopting...


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