Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maternity Pictures!

I am so blessed to have an awesome friend (Macey Ryan) that I've partnered up with to start a small photography side-business, Image 1:27 Photography.  We were super busy throughout November and December taking Christmas portraits and photographing two weddings.  I'd love it if we'd get enough business to do it full-time. 

I am even more blessed and excited that Ryan and I are pregnant at the same time!!  She just ended her first trimester.  We made a deal that she would photograph my pregnancy, and I will photograph hers.  She took the pictures at our gender reveal party, our announcements, and most recently, maternity pictures. 

These are by far my favorite pictures we've ever had done.  I love them more than our wedding photos!  We went to a field behind the church my husband and I attend during the last good hour of light before the sun went down.  That hour is called "magic light," and boy was it ever!


  1. Look at YOU! :) You're beautiful!! :D

  2. Thanks, everybody! I really love how they turned out =)

  3. These are lovely shots of this young couple in their pre-parenting lives. I know they will cherish these photos forever. I only wish we had done something like this. Thanks for visiting today!

  4. Congrats on your upcoming addition! Just visiting from the Thirsty Thursday Blog HoP!!


  5. Truly glowing in every way! :-) Congratulations!! ~Kelly @ Eyes on the Source

  6. LOVE the one of you on the blanket!

  7. Congratulations! You and your hubby look great. :-)
    I'm a new follow and your blog is really gorg!