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So here I am about to be 14 weeks pregnant.  For the most part, the nausea has stopped (thank the Lord!), but I'm still waiting for the "burst of energy" that everyone says comes with the second trimester.  I am really looking forward to not wanting to put my head down and sleep all day.  I have had two doctor appointments so far, and both have gone very well and everything is normal.  At the 8 week appointment, I had an ultrasound where we finally got to see the "wee one."  My mom and my husband were there. It was a very surreal moment: knowing that in a very short amount of time, I will be able to hold that little baby.  The heard beat was a super-steady, super-FAST 180 beats per minute.  I could have listened to it all day.  We got three pictures from the ultrasound to take home.  Our baby's first picture!

At the second appointment (12 weeks), they did not do an ultrasound (much to my dismay; I really wanted to see how much the baby has grown!).  Instead they just did the sonogram, so we could hear the heart beat again.  It took her a minute to find it because the baby is still so small and is now beginning to squirm around.  The doctor said he or she was playing "hide and seek" =)  The little heart is still beating strong and steady, but a little slower now at 150 beats per minute.  Everyone keeps saying that a fast heartbeat is a sign that it's going to be a girl, but I have been craving salty foods rather than sweet, which is supposedly a sign that it's a boy... There's no way to know for sure until our next appointment at 18 weeks. As long as the baby is healthy, I'll be happy, but I can't wait to find out what we're having!

12 week bump- As of today I'm 13 weeks, 4 days

How far along?  As of today, I am 13 weeks, 4 days
Due Date: March 7th 2013
Size of baby: a fuzzy little peach
Total weight gain/loss:. +2 lbs (Dr. says I need to eat more, I say challenge accepted!)
Stretch marks? None so far
Sleep: I'm tired constantly.  All I want to do is turn my light off, lock my door, crawl under my desk, and take a nap.  No one would have to know!
Best moment this week: I found a dresser that I can use as a changing table at a thrift store!  I am going to repaint it and replace the hardware, but it's in perfect condition!
Worst moment this week: Trying to get used to sleeping on my side.  After the first trimester, sleeping on your back is a no-no, and sleeping on your stomache is incredibly uncomfortable.
Movement: I haven't felt it, but I know it's happening.
Food cravings: I just finished off an entire bag of dill pickle potato chips.  And not the individual size, either.
What I miss: Not having to use the restroom every thirty minutes.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out whether the wee one is a baby boy or baby girl
Milestones: Finishing up the first trimester. One down, two to go!


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