Guest Post from Christina Johnson- Decorating Your Home for Spring

I am very excited to be posting my first blog post from a guest!  Her name is Christina Johnson, and she has some wonderful ideas to decorate your home for the Spring!  After a winter filled with grays and browns, I can't wait to bring out the bright colors again.  I hope everyone enjoys her article as much as I have...

Give your Home a Fresh New Look for Spring
Article submitted by Christina Johnson

People can transform their home decor to give it a fresh look for springtime by adding simple touches that are easy and inexpensive. Decor accents can make significant changes as can more involved projects like wall colors and exchanging furniture. People can express themselves by creatively adding warm colors and decorative objects that bring spring indoors.

Bringing Spring to Interior Rooms

Bathrooms - A small bouquet of silk or real spring blooms add color on a shelf, the back of the toilet, or the counter. Putting down rugs and hanging towels with pretty spring hues like yellows, purples and greens bring in the season in the bathroom. They can even include flower patterns.

Bedrooms - Bedrooms should be relaxing retreats. Warm and bright colors should be used with good taste making sure not to make the room feel busy and intense. A floral or solid colored bedspread that speaks of spring is a simple change as are decorative pillows placed on top of the bed.

Dining Rooms - For creating spring-inspired dining decor, people think of table centerpieces like fresh spring-scented candles and seasonal flowers. Budding and flowering branches of cherries or forsythia on the table or sideboard also invites the season into the dining experience.

Kitchens - Spring-colored towels, hot pads and washcloths are a pleasant touch. Bouquets small and large bring the season into the space. Little seasonal magnets are great for refrigerators or bulletin boards like those depicting birds and nests, chicks and bunnies. A basket of candy-shaped colored eggs with flowers or a sweet-scented candle sitting on the counter is another option.

Living Rooms - Livening the living room for springtime is easy when throws and pillows with dark or winter colors are exchanged for bright colors and floral or seasonal prints. Winter area rugs like sheepskins can be stored away and lightweight and seasonal area rugs put in their place.

Wall Art - In any room of the house, seasonal wall art makes a big statement and impacts the interior. Bringing spring with seasonal themes in pictures and textured wall decor is a quick way to liven up the home.

Window Dressing - All rooms of the home can have cleaned window treatments or entirely new and seasonal window dressings. Seasonal color themes from the room can be tied together nicely with curtains.

A Warm, Spring Feel Indoors

Interior decorating is as different as the individual creators, but simple touches are often the most significant. Celebrating seasons as they come by warm colored decor accents is one of the simple pleasures of homemaking. Any small change to interior decor can help bring in the joyful feeling of springtime.

Christina Johnson who works remotely for Douglas Elliman Real Estate in the Hamptons Real Estate Listings department.  She is using her journalism major to combine what she loves most, writing and her career. Her specialties include home decor design and DIY home improvement projects.


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