Easy as (apple) pie Fall Decoration

I am trying to keep the spirit of fall around as long as possible.  It seems everywhere I go, Christmas music is playing, trees are up, and everyone is focusing on the winter holidays.  Why can't fall be celebrated equally?  It is my favorite season. In Alabama, we get the most beautiful colors on our trees.  It's really breath taking.  A favorite thing of mine is apple picking.  I love to decorate with the apples. A bowl full on the table in the kitchen or on the coffee table... Lovely.  Sadly however my bathroom was feeling left out of the festivities.  Solution?

Toilet Paper Apples!!!!

I took two long pieces of red tissue paper and rolled my TP up with it, tucking the sides down into the hole made by the cardboard tube.  I made the stems out of some brown cardstock and the leaves out of scrapbook paper, and hot glued them to the tissue paper (NOT the toilet paper) inside the hole where I tucked the sides.  Now my little bathroom gets to celebrate fall with its very own basket of "apples!"

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