Egg in a Bell Pepper Basket

Happy Saturday, everyone! And happy first-day-of-summer-break to all my teacher friends! We made it!

You guys, this year has been rough! Lay-offs through out the county had everyone worried and stressed almost to the breaking point.  This summer break is much needed to regroup and get settled back down.

Being the first day of summer break, I was so looking forward to sleeping in, but the toddler had other plans.  Bright and early, she was ready to wake up. However, my amazing husband got up with her, allowing me a few more hours of precious sleep!! I woke up feeling totally refreshed... And pretty hungry. I'm not used to eating so late in the morning. I knew I needed a breakfast instead of just my usual cup of coffee. 

I sliced a few rings of red bell pepper and grabbed my eggs and butter. I heated the butter until it was melted and bubbling, then I placed my bell pepper ring in the skillet. Very carefully, I cracked one egg into the ring. Some of it seeped out from the bottom, but I just scraped it up and put it back in. Once the egg was done on one side (as evidenced by a slight golden color to the edges), I slowly slid one spatula under the egg and used a second one as a kind of lid to keep everything together. On the count of three, I prayed and flipped. Amazingly, everything stayed exactly where they needed to stay! Thirty more seconds of cooking, and I had a perfectly cooked, over-easy egg in a bell pepper ring. 


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