DIY Chalkboard Art

I recently painted several mirrors for a boutique that just opened up in the Birmingham area. One of the mirrors the owner had tried to makeover herself using spray paint, but some had gotten on the glass of the mirror. I tried several methods to remove it, but nothing worked. She said I could just throw that one away. 

Those of you who know me know that's not an option. 

I had been looking for a big piece of art to go on the wall of our bedroom. The mirror was just the right size. 

I took it outside and sprayed all the glass with chalkboard paint. I didn't worry about protecting the frame because it was already paint splattered, and I knew I would have to cover it with something anyway. 

To redo the frame, I modpodged pieces of white tissue paper all over it. It gave it the look of a chalkboard that needed to be cleaned, which I thought was perfect for a chalkboard!

I decided to write a phrase on the chalkboard that really fits our lives right now. We are always busy, always stressed, and we don't know what the future is going to hold for us. Rather than focusing on all of that, we need to...

Because we most certainly are blessed. 

It is so nice to fall asleep and wake up with this reminder that God has blessed us greatly. 


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