Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers with Cream Cheese and Bacon

The Super Bowl means one of two things to me: snacks and/or commercials. Unfortunately, this year it meant an emergency trip to Children's Hospital with my sweet P who ended up having the flu. 

But I had already made these jalapeño poppers, so I just stuck them in the fridge in a mad dash out of the house. They reheated pretty well in the oven, but they got a little dark on top, which is why the picture looks like that. 

To start, I halved the jalapeños and removed all the seeds. For the filling, I combined a block of cream cheese with a 1/2 c bacon bits (or maybe a little more because, well, it's bacon, and I love it). Then I added garlic powder and onion powder to taste. I stuffed each jalapeño half with about a tbs of the mixture. I roasted them at 450 for 25 minutes, topped them with shredded mozarella, and baked them for about five more minutes, until the cheese had melted. 

I had a ton of the cream cheese mixture left, so I added in a bit of sour cream and dipped carrot sticks in it. So good!

I'll make these again, and hopefully be able to enjoy them right away. No more emergency trips to the hospital for my sweet P, thank you!


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