Sunday morning breakfast

I got up with the one year old this morning while my husband slept in. It is ALWAYs the other way around. But today, she demanded "Mama!" So I fed her breakfast and realized I wanted some breakfast of my own. Not just a bowl of cereal, but real, southern, comfort-food breakfast. I had a box of hash browns in the pantry. I had eggs in the fridge. That'll do. 

These hash browns are super easy to make. Fill the container with hot water and let sit for 12 minutes. Then drain the water and pan fry until they are a nice golden brown. 

I put the cooked hash browns in my pie plate. I scrambled four eggs with cheese and bacon bits and pour them over the hash browns, and sprinkled more cheese on top. Baked for 24 minutes at 350, this dish came out deliciously! I had made pancakes earlier in the week and frozen the leftovers. I heated those up and we had pancakes and quiche for breakfast! My husband was so surprised and happy and FULL!


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