PEP Talks- Month 12

Happy birthday to me!!! Can you believe it? I am a whole year old. Mom and Dad woke me up on my birthday by singing Happy Birthday to me. It would have been much nicer had it not been so early. Shouldn't birthday girls get to sleep in??  It was a great day though. I wore my special birthday shirt, and Mrs. Scott took me shopping for my birthday present and that night, my family went to eat dinner with Lucy Paige's family. Lucy and I were even dressed the same! We'd called each other :)

But before I turned one, I had a whole month of activities and growing. First of all, I am definitely standing on my own.  Before I only did it if I didn't notice that's what was happening, but now I do it on purpose.  My hands are so much more free for activities! I can hold two toys at once and bang them together.  I also got to play outside more this month since we've had some warmer days.  I love to kick and throw my ball in the yard.  If I could, I'd spend all day, everyday outside.  Once it gets warm and stays warm, Mom said that will be the plan! 

I am still trying to eat more foods.  I am an extremely picky eater.  If I don't like something, I won't swallow it.  I also will not spit it out (spitting is not lady-like). I hold it in my mouth until someone takes it from me.  Then I bite them for their effort.  And speaking of biting, I have 10 TEETH! I am getting my one year molars right now, and let me tell you, that is no fun! I've been a trooper, though.  Hopefully they'll be fully through soon.  

I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon.  I am 19 lbs 5 oz and 29.25 inches long.  I am just below the 50th percentile on everything.  The doctor said I probably won't grow up to be as tall as my mom, but that just means I'll always get to look up to her (at least that's what SHE says). 

So now that I've covered just about everything else, let's get on to the really fun stuff: my birthday!!!

After school that day, my mom and I pulled up to our house, and guess what we saw! A surprise! Aunt Ryan had decorated the front porch in honor of my birthday! There were streamers and paper balls and a happy birthday banner.  And CONFETTI!!!!! Lots and lots of confetti! I was so excited, I clapped my hands and laughed. Mom let me sit in the confetti and play with it.  It was so sparkly and colorful!

I wore my special birthday outfit with the balloons on it.  I really love balloons! I had fun shaking it back and forth.  I bopped myself in the head with it a few times, but it didn't hurt! It was just funny.  

My mom and Lucy's mom and my Paigey stayed up really late the night before my party to get everything decorated.  They did an awesome job! I'll save all the details for my mom to blog about, but here is a sneek peek of everything.

We had my party at Lucy's church in the youth room.  Lots of my friends and family were there! I got some really great toys and clothes, but I was more excited to spend time with everyone.  Also, I got to eat a whole cupcake all by myself! I had no problem chewing and swallowing a cupcake =) Hint, hint Mom!

My favorite toy of all of my birthday presents was from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Anthony. They got me a cat! It's not a real cat, but it can walk and meow, so I'm just as happy.  I've insisted on taking it with me wherever I go ever since we brought it home.  

Last but most certainly not least, the other thing I've figured out this month: I've learned to WALK! That's right! I'm a toddler now! I've taken about 5 or 6 steps at a time, several times.  I'm still faster when I crawl, so that's still my preferred method of transportation.  I will have to keep practicing.

So this is the last post from my very first year! I probably won't continue doing monthly updates, since I'm so busy now, but if there is anything big that happens, I will let you know! It has been an honor to share with everyone for the past 12 months.  Thanks for keeping up with me!

Until next time,

Parker E. Poe


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