PEP Talks- 9 months

Hey guys! Back so soon??  It seems like the months are flying by now! Can you believe I'm already NINE MONTHS OLD!!  Crazy, huh?!  In three more months, I'll get to have a birthday party! Mom, the over-achiever that she is, is already starting to plan a little at a time.  Better get on it, Mom! I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon!

So this last month was so fun! I am doing so many new things that the parents are having a hard time keeping up!  Mom and Dad make sure to always have a camera within reach.  Dad has fairly decent one on his phone, so that works pretty well in a pinch.  Mom does not have as good a phone as Dad, but that just means that she lets me play with hers.  She keeps saying that she hopes I "accidentally" mess it up so she can get a new one, but I'm actually pretty careful with it.

Something AWESOME that I've started doing is pulling up on the furniture... and my toys... and anything that sits still long enough.  Sitting is no longer cool enough for me.  It's time to rise!! Just look at me looking so big in my jeans standing up by the couch...

And Lucy's toy...  We shared it pretty well actually! Lucy is able to play more now that she's a little older, so we have way more fun together.

In addition to standing up with the couch, I also really like to be underneath it.  I love to hide! Under furniture, blankets, even my hands.   When I go under the couch, I scoot all the way to the back and when Mom and Dad say "Where's Parker?" (because they have NO idea where I am!) I just giggle and giggle.  This picture is when they caught me the last time.  Unfortunately, I got a little trapped.  Mom picked up the end of the couch and Dad got me out.  I still like to get under there though.  Nothing scares me!

I also went to four thanksgivings.  The first one was with Mom and Dad's small group. The first picture is me with Caleb and Courtlyn.  They are twins!

This is everybody (minus Lucy Paige and the twins' older brother, Adrian).  Dad is holding me funny and showing off my belly, but it's a cute belly, so I don't mind.

The next thanksgiving was at Lucy Paige's grandparents' house.  It was so much fun to spend Thanksgiving with friends!

That night, we went to my Nanna's house.  Everybody was planning their Black Friday shopping, and I helped! I really liked looking at the sales papers.  I would look at one page, then the next, and then wait *patiently* for them to turn the page to look at what else they had. It was pretty cool!

On Saturday after Thanksgiving, Paigey, Uncle Jacob, Grandma, Poppa, and Nanna all came over for the Iron Bowl (which Mom says I'm not allowed to bring up) and have Thanksgiving dinner afterwards. First though, we took some family pictures.  We did my 9 month pictures that day, too.  Those will be in a separate post that Mom will put up later.  Hint- I'm adorable!

After all the festivities were over, I snuggled up with my Nanna (Daddy's grandmother) and fell fast asleep.  It was a wonderful, very special nap.  She loves me very much and sang me songs that she used to sing to my daddy when he was a little baby like me.  

So some stats about me this month:  I weigh 18 pounds and am 28 inches long.  This is a little lower on the growth chart for my height than I have been.  My doctor says I'm leveling off, which is perfectly normal!  I love to play with my toys, especially my little doll, my TV remote, my play phone, and the zebra block that makes a crinkle sound.  I call all of my stuffed animals "cats."  I call Mommy and Daddy both "Da-da."  I say "yes" to answer every question (even if I mean no), and sometimes I say "eat" but not very often.  Next month, I get to start trying to use a sippy cup and eating big girl food- less baby food for me!  Last night, I ate some potato soup that Mom made for dinner.  I felt like such a big girl! I also really like graham crackers.  I look like a little beaver when I chew them up.

I have a lot to look forward to! Until next time!

Parker E. Poe


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