One Ornament... Unlimited Possibilities

I absolutely love the clear glass ornaments! So many options. They can be painted, inside or out, or filled with whatever you wish.  Here are two examples of what I did with these ornaments this year.

These adorable snowmen were hand-painted and filled with fake snow.  One of the other ex ed teachers came up with this idea for our Christmas Craft Show Fundraiser the Ex Ed department holds every year to raise money for Special Olympics.  I bought one for Parker and wrote her name and the year on the back with Sharpie paint pens.  I'm thinking we'll get her a snowman ornament every year as a tradition.  Snowmen are my favorite winter decorations!

This is my other ornament... my very favorite one!  I *carefully* squished and stuffed Parker's newborn hospital hat into the ornament.  Lucky for me, this one was plastic.  All that shoving would have broken a glass one for sure.  Then I topped it off with her hospital bracelets.  Great way to save these keepsakes and show them off every year!


  1. What a beautiful idea!!! I have saved so many baby items from my three boys and this would be a perfect project.

  2. The snowmen are so cute! And, I LOVE the baby ornament! What an awesome idea! We started getting our kids an ornament every year a few years ago, and they love it. They are always excited to put their special ornaments on the tree!

    Thanks for linking up with Take it on Tuesday! :)

  3. Can you please tell me where you got the clear plastic ornament? Thanks!


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