PEP Talks- 10 months

Welcome to month 10 of PEP Talks! It has been a busy, busy month, and I am not slowing down!  I am pulling up on everything and even using it to take some steps! I love my "Push" toys! I go up and down the hall! I also really like the storm door at my house.  Mom and Dad make sure it is shut and locked before I stand up beside it.  I love to see the world and wave at the people walking by.

This month was also Christmas! Mom and Dad read me a story out of my little Bible about a baby born just like me, but He grew up and saved the entire world.  That's a lot of pressure for a little baby, but the Bible says that he wasn't just any baby... He was the Son of God! It's an amazing story! I'm so glad that He came!

Mom and Dad said that Christmas is not just about gifts and trees and Santa, but the reason for Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' birth.  We made sure not to get caught up in our busy lives with travelling and shopping so that we could celebrate the real reason for Christmas.

Christmas brought all sorts of fun things to my house! A great big tree grew overnight right in the corner of the living room!! And every morning when I'd wake up, there would be new boxes wrapped in brightly colored paper or tucked inside bags with tissue paper.  I had to check them out!

We had several Christmas celebrations.  The first one was with my Poppa's side of the family.  I am a proud member of the fourth generation on both sides of my family! I was glad to get to take a picture with Pap, Poppa, and Daddy!

At my Paigey's house, we made Christmas cookies!  Mom says I look like a little German baby in my red plaid sitting in front of the jumping jacks and eating my zimtsterne (That's German for Cinnamon Star)!

I also got to decorate the lebkuchen! It's another kind of German cookie.  My great-great-grandmother made these a long time ago, and the recipe has been passed down, unchanged, ever since.  Mom is so excited that I get to make them now like she did when she was little.

I also got to celebrate my first New Year's Eve! I didn't quite make it to midnight, but it was fun nonetheless. The day after new year's Mom and Dad had to go back to work, so I went to spend a couple nights with my Paigey! I also got to see my Omi and Opa again and my Aunt Nana (pronounced "nonna"... It's her nickname). I hadn't seen her since I was 3 months old. She was amazed by how much I've grown!

I also have learned to clap my hands :) It's so fun, and everyone joins in! I learned just in time to cheer for Bama and Auburn in their bowl games! 

So that pretty much covers it! Only one more PEP talk until my birthday!! Woo hop! Talk to you next month!

Parker E. Poe


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